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How to choose a shower tray for your bathroom

If you are looking for a shower tray for your bathroom and you don’t know where to start, we are going to give you some tips to make the decision easier. 

– Be clear about the measurements. Think that a shower tray is used every day and that although it always occupies less than a bathtub, the larger it is, the more comfortable and pleasant your shower will be. 

– Look at the compacted mass. Normally in stores, there are samples of the dishes, avoid buying shower trays that have pores or voids in their mass. The more compact the dough, the higher the quality of the dish. It may weigh a little more (that doesn’t matter, you will never have to transport it) but you will have less chance of the plate breaking or warping.

 – It is important that if it is colored, it is the dough that is dyed and not a painted plate. In this way, if the plate is scratched, it will not look white, but the same color, and it will be less noticeable. 

– The quality of a shower tray is measured by its quality certifications. That’s what they are for. It is important that you have them, as one of the key points is their level of slip resistance. The highest score (the most slip-resistant plate) has a C3 rating. To obtain this certification, the plate is tested to see if it slips or not.

 – It is important that the plate does not sag as this would make it difficult for the water to drain.

– The materials are also important because their quality depends on the behavior of the plate over time. A shower tray is a product for daily use. It has to be resistant to water, chemicals, changes in temperature, exposure to light. 

Stainless Steel Shower Head Inside BathroomIn addition, there are shower trays that have components that repel bacteria. 

– The shower trays are manufactured with standard measures. But it is important that they can be cut because many times it has to be done so that they adapt to a specific bathroom space, or they have to “save” columns of downspouts or wall projections.

– Finally, you have to decide if you are going to put a screen to avoid splashing water when using the plate. There are manufacturers who can “prepare” the plate from the factory so that it has machining to install a screen in it.

 – In addition, there are many designs of shower trays. Some have the valve centered, others at one end, others go with a lid, this choice depends a lot on the taste of the buyer and the style of their bathroom. Many shower trays can also be installed flush with the floor, something very aesthetic and avoiding unnecessary and uncomfortable steps.

 – Another very important thing is that at the time of installation, it must be done by a professional bathroom remodeling company.