ATX Bathroom Remodelling

7 Tips to make a small bathroom the cutest A small bathroom can be complete … and cute!

Advised by interior designers, we are going to give you a few keys so that your small toilet has nothing to envy a bathroom. 

  1. First of all, we look at the walls: whether you opt for paper, tile, or ceramic coating, try to use smooth or light-colored materials “that weigh less” and manage to give a feeling of lightness. 
  2. A large mirror will give a feeling of spaciousness but it will also take up space on the wall. Find a balance.
  3. Think that a small bathroom can also be complete. You can put furniture to store towels and hygiene products that are comfortable and functional. There is suspended furniture that occupies less and is more practical when cleaning.
  4. Look for suspended toilets, they also occupy less, and if you are renovating, consider the option of installing a built-in cistern, you will save space.
  5. If you have few meters, take advantage of the walls. A beautiful hanging towel rail or a designer radiator will add personality without diminishing spaciousness. Use shelves or hanging furniture to keep everything organized, the order also provides spaciousness.
  6. A small bathroom doesn’t have to be boring. You can put a touch of color in accessories (towels, soap dispensers, rugs) or go for furniture that is not white.
  7. Don’t forget the lighting. Use a general light for your bathroom and apply for the sink area.

In our furniture catalog, you can find four furniture models with a width of 40 to 60 centimeters and a depth of between 24 and 40 centimeters that will adapt to small bathrooms and CoinJoin that will allow you to furnish this important room in a house in a functional way and without sacrificing design. They also go well for offices or restaurant toilets and other public places such as hotels or apartments.