ATX Bathroom Remodelling

10 Tips for renovating your bathroom

Choose quality materials, play with lighting and take into account preferences in organization and lifestyles, among other tips.

  1. Choose good materials

The most important thing is a good choice of materials. Put, where appropriate, a good shower tray, good sanitation, and good taps. A bathroom is not just the coatings. In addition, it has to be very well thought out because they are not materials that can be easily changed, as in a bedroom.

  1. Good lighting

It is the second most important point. It consists of having a general light and complementing it with specific lighting for certain areas such as sinks or showers. You can be fixing yourself in the mirror without having to give the general light because the sinks are well lit.

  1. Invest in the bathroom

The bathroom, along with the kitchen, is the room of the house in which the most is invested when making a reform or a new housing project. This compensates because then they are the places of the house that are used the most. You have to invest in the bathroom in new technologies, design, and quality. What is in our bathroom is very nice, yes, but it is also very good. The shower tray is very nice, but it is also not going to flake.

  1. Take into account the lifestyle of the people who are going to use that bathroom

After the dressing room, the bathroom is the room of the house where we have to study the client more. Know how they like to organize things, what time they get up, or if they share bathroom products. To choose between two sinks or one, or whether or not to put a bathroom access door from the room, you have to know how those who use it live.

  1. Take into account the preferences in the organization

There are people who prefer to have things organized in a column cabinet or others who prefer more drawers. It is a simple matter of taste and customs that must be taken into account.

  1. If the bathroom is going to be used by children …

Put tiles up to half a height and combine them with a more fun paper on top. Bring the brushstrokes of color into something easy to change. Use countertops with integrated sinks that are easier to keep clean.

  1. If it is a small bathroom …

Lighten walls using light or smooth papers that do not weigh.

If you don’t need to store many things in that bathroom, a good idea is to use a console with the sink on top. There are also suspended furniture and toilets and built-in cisterns with which we save space.

  1. If the bathroom has no window …

Most bathrooms do not have a window. Good lighting and using materials that are not very heavy is the key. And in these bathrooms, if you put an extractor you have to choose one that does not make much noise.

  1. Consider the bathroom a place worth decorating and caring for

Bathrooms are no longer the last place in a house to think about decorating with care and special objects. Now more and more is invested in bathroom furniture, taps, radiators or bathtubs, not only in coatings. It is even a good place to decorate walls with a nice sheet.

  1. Take into account the fashions, but adapting them to our life and the use that we give the bathroom

If we have two bathrooms in a house, we can put a bathtub in one and a shower tray in the other, but this would not make much sense if we barely take one bath a year and also need more storage space. Although now the bathroom is incorporated into the room, if we live as a couple and have different hours it would not be a good option for everyone’s comfort.